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Hey guys! Sorry about the late post. Last exam for the semester, I promise! Expect a post on Wednesday. I’ll make it extra long to make up for it.


Anything? Anything

I fumbled for the light-switch as I turned and locked the door behind us. He stood behind me, pressed against my back. Instead of kissing me, he walked into the kitchen and poured us two glasses of the wine he had brought.

“Want to watch a movie?” I asked.

“Yeah sure, you decide” he smiled.

I l plopped in front of the TV as I looked for a movie to watch. I owned a gajillion DVDs with everything from Charlie Chaplin to The Hunger Games.

“How about Casablanca? It is one of my favourites. My mom…” I trailed off, shook my head and sat next to him on my sofa. He handed me my glass of wine and I curled up against his chiseled stomach. DAMN, he felt like he had a great body.

As the opening music started playing, he turned a bit so that he was facing me.

“So did you know your mom was…?”

“I had no idea. I mean, she and dad used to fight a lot. But they always seemed so in love. She never said anything about divorce”

“But what if that guy wasn’t her boyfriend? What if he was just an employee or something?”

I laughed cynically. “My mom doesn’t work. Cheating is basically the only explanation”

Alex frowned and wrapped his arms around me. “Well if you need anything… let me know. It bothers me when you are upset”

I looked up at him slyly. “Anything?” I asked as seductively as I could.

The left corner of his mouth turned up in a smirk. “Anything”.

Hey guys! Sorry about the break. I got sick after my exams 😦

Oh my

The man and woman standing in front of me looked up, startled. She was my mom… but he was not my dad. Her eyes widened, and she started to open her mouth. Before she could say anything, I was out of the restaurant, dragging Alex along behind me. I bit my lip to hold back the tears. Once we were a few blocks away, he pulled me back towards him.

“What was that all about?” he asked concernedly.

I wiped away the tears that were beginning to fall down my face.

“That was my mom. And not my dad. My mom and dad are still married…”

He awkwardly wrapped his arms around me. “Kate.. I’m so sorry”

We stood there, in the middle of the sidewalk for an eternity. I cried into his jacket and he stroked my hair. Eventually, he got me to move and we continued walking to his car.

We drove in silence, save for my occasional sniffles and the low din of the radio in the background. Finally, we reached my apartment. He parked the car and helped me out.

“You feeling better?” he questioned.

“Yeah” I said. “A little bit”

He took my hand in his. “Good” he smiled.

Like an adult leading a child, he led me upstairs to my apartment. He snuck in several playful kisses on my neck, in my hair, and on my shoulder. I smiled, and jokingly pretended to swat him away. Once I unlocked my door, I pulled him into the darkness with me.


It felt like my jaw hit the floor. There was Alex, standing in front of me holding a bouquet of lilies and a bottle of my favourite wine. He grinned sheepishly at me.

“Look, I know this is going to sound creepy but I remembered what you said about your favourite things and I just wanted to surprise you” he said shyly. In addition to the flowers and wine, he was wearing a tailored suit that hung oh so perfectly on his body.

I shook my head and beamed. “No, oh my gosh that isn’t creepy at all! You are so sweet! Let me go put those in water, and we will be off”

He handed over the lilies to me, I ushered him into a chair and I walked to the kitchen to get a vase. As I was filling the vase, I realized that there was a tiny card tucked into the bouquet. I pulled it out, flipped it over and read it

To the loveliest girl I have met in ages. I love you


My eyes brimmed with tears of happiness. I hadn’t received flowers in Lord knows how long, not to mention my favourite type of flowers… And that note (*swoon*). I put the flowers in the vase and walked back to meet Alex at the door.

Dinner was amazing. The food was great, the service was impeccable and the company was the best. After our meal, we were given little chocolate alligators. I felt as though I was floating. We talked for what seemed like minutes when he checked his watch and realized it was 10pm and we had been there for around three and a half hours (oops). He stood, pulled back my chair and offered me his hand. Seriously, this guy is a gentleman alright. We were just about to push through the front door when they opened for us. The smile slid off my face and shattered on the polished floor beneath my heels.


Well, it was definitely a busy weekend for me between Josh and Alex. I can’t really say that it all went as planned, but I think that I have mostly everything sorted out (for now).

Flashback to Friday night. I sat at my desk, staring at my phone  in disbelief. Josh didn’t seriously think he could just barge into my life like that. I hadn’t heard from him since the breakup, and that was the way I wanted it to be. I can barely remember what he looks like.

But this little voice in my head is bringing out the idiot in me.

What if he says he loves you. What if he asks to have you back? Begs to have you back? Gets down on his knees and pleads. Roses, a bottle of wine and your favourite Beck CD. 

I shook my head. Snap out of it you idiot. He broke your heart and you are going on a date with ALEX tomorrow. Alex, who actually seems to give a shit about your feelings, not to mention your academic aspirations. 

Despite my pep talk to myself, I still changed into something a little bit less homeless. Leggings and my white v-neck would seem a lot more put together and it would give off an air of “I am sooo over you”. Sweatpants and that ratty old t-shirt I got from high school provincials would seem more like “I am a desperate train wreck who can’t deal with being without you”. In the middle of my revelations, the buzzer went. He was here.

I walked calmly to the door, and opened it. There was Josh, standing in front of me, holding a cardboard box.

“You left some of your stuff at my place” he said as he tried to walk past me into my apartment.

I quickly put an arm out to block him. “Sorry Josh, this isn’t a good time. Thanks for dropping off my stuff, bye!” I said as I quickly shut the door and put the locks on. He knocked on the door. Started pleading, begging for me to open the door again. I swear I heard him crying. I stood against the door, slumped. I felt as though my chest was being torn apart. Half of my heart knew I couldn’t go back to him, whereas the other half couldn’t stay away from him. In the end, I just sat curled up against the door crying softly for long after he had left.

Saturday morning arrived and I was in much better spirits. I had finally gained some closure, and my broken heart from yesterday felt as if it had been mended. I got Lynn to come over and help me pick out an outfit. Alex was taking me to this amazing French restaurant on Burrard called Le Crocodile, so Lynn and I decided that something formal but sexy would be best. She decided on a black, flowy dress that skimmed just above my knees. She did my hair and my makeup, and had me ready to go twenty minutes before Alex was to arrive. Lynn gave me a hug, wished me good luck and then left me in my apartment to wait for him alone. Exactly nineteen minutes later, Alex knocked on my door. When I opened the door, my jaw dropped.


So going forwards, I feel like I should really have a schedule for this (thanks for the feedback Kelly!). How about Tuesdays and Saturdays? I might have to postpone a few posts during my exam week, but I will let you all know in advance when I will be posting.